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In the beginning the world was plentiful. A world created by the Sun and the Moon, crafted by their children, and protected by their grand children.

Now the world is turning away from the sacred ways of protecting the land. The Gnomes have come to power, obsessed with Magical and Technological innovation and ignoring both the Deities and the Demi-Deities.

It is said that the Deities and their children, the Demi-Deities, saw this coming. They saw the path of the world and chose to destroy their beloved creation rather than see it destroy itself with magic and technology. With magic rituals they have brought drought and famine to the world, denying many the right to live.

And so we pick up here…

Drought and Famine have struck the world, the world’s currency of gold has run rampant with Gnomish Transmuters flooding the market, and food costs more than magical items.

Wands, staves, fire swords, ice daggers, and all manner of magical items are cheap and easy to come by. You can sell them and in exchange you might be able to eat for a week… two if you’re lucky.

Welcome to the world of…
h3. Gnome Entitlement

Main Page

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